Best Vegetables 2018 The best salads, carrots, cucumbers, celery and many other varieties from three Koch.Campus tastings!

The events of Koch.Campus during 2018 were constantly influenced by biodiversity and the wealth of vegetables. At three tasting events, we actually dedicated ourselves explicitly to sampling a wide range of different types of vegetable.

Many of the vegetables we tasted came from a organic field in Füllersdorf, around 50 km north of Vienna, which is cultivated by Robert Brodnjak and Claudia Detz on behalf of Koch.Campus. Depending on the location, we also incorporated vegetables from other producers in the same region into our tastings. We wish to express our sincere thanks to all of the businesses and people who participated in these events!

The three tastings took part within the framework of the „Culinary Network“ and were publicly financed by the Austrian government as well as the EU. For which we are also sincerely grateful!

Vegetable tasting on 16 May at Restaurant Steirereck

Organic Farmer Franziska Lerch presenting „Forellenschluss“ salad

The best lettuce varieties:
Romain lettuce “Forellenschluss” (Krautwerk)
fresh-grassy fragrance, succulent, crisp to the palate, complex flavor profile, mild bitterness, nutty

Green iceberg lettuce (Lerchenhof, Franziska Lerch)
crisp and fresh to the palate, aroma mix of vegetables and sweetness, mild overall impression

Curly lettuce, dandelion-like leaves (Gärtnerei Bach)
crisp, fresh, somewhat sweet to the palate, gentle herbal and grassy notes

Other interesting varieties:
Leaf salad “Till” (Krautwerk)
Viennese butterhead lettuce “Pia” (Krautwerk)
Leaf salad “Venezianer” (Gemüsehof Wild-Obermayr)

The best pea sprouts
variety E.F.B. 33 (Krautwerk)
mildly piquant, soft leaf, slightly nutty, fine sweetness

Other interesting varieties:
Karolina, Specter, Pandora (all from Krautwerk)

The best turnip cabbage variety:
Kolibri (Gärtnerei Bach)
intensive smell, firm consistency, sweet nuttiness, spicy undertone

Other interesting varieties:
Rasko, Azur Star (Krautwerk)
Eder, Butterschmelz (Gemüsehof Wild-Obermayr)

The best asparagus lettuce
“Chinesische Keule” (Krautwerk)
Aroma of coltsfoot, firm consistency, undertone of cucumber and the field, round flavor profile.

The best Siberian kale
“White Russian” (Lerchenhof, Franziska Lerch)
Reminiscent of horseradish, notes of mustard, grassy-herbal aromas


Krautwerk, Robert Brodnjak, Grossmugl,
Gärtnerei Bach, Vienna;
Lerchenhof, Franziska Lerch, Strass,
Wild-Obermayr Vegetable Farm,

  • Harald Pollak, Josef Floh, Hans Reisinger, Robert Brodnjak, Eveline Bach, Klaus Buttenhauser, Paul Ivic und Heinz Reitbauer
The best spring-cabbage variety:


Vegetable tasting on 26 June at Restaurant Mühltalhof, Neufelden

Caraflex (Gemüsehof Wild-Obermayr)
Mild nose, intensively herbal though not one-dimensional, green piquancy, lush, crisp, slightly bitter, sweet aftertaste, complex flavor experience.

Other interesting varieties:
Thougma (Gemüsehof Wild-Obermayr), Farao (Voggeneder), Nagels Frühweiss (Krautwerk)

The best carrot varieties:
Mokum (Krautwerk)
gentle, succulent to the palate, intense carrot flavor

Gniff (Krautwerk)
Piquant, cinnamon fragrance; crisp, creamy to the palate, sweet and fruity, mild spiciness.

The best radishes
Viola (Gemüsehof Wild-Obermayr)
Soft, pleasant flesh, full-flavored, understated spiciness, succulent, intense, fresh, a mild aftertaste.

Other interesting varieties:
Celeste (Gemüsehof Wild-Obermayr)
French Breakfast (Dickbauer)

The best cucumbers
Shintokiwa (Fairleben)
Succulent and fresh to the palate, pleasant to chew yet crisp, sweet exotic aromas.

Marketmore (Krautwerk)
Reminiscent of green melon, fresh, succulent, good bite, creamy to the palate; gentle acidity, sweet aftertaste.

Other interesting varieties:
Tanja, Katrina (Gemüsehof Wild-Obermayr)
Corintho (Voggeneder)
Qualitas (Krautwerk)


Krautwerk, Robert Brodnjak, Grossmugl,
Wild-Obermayr Vegetable Farm, Niederneukirchen,
Fairleben, Margit Mayr-Lamm, Alhaming,
Voggeneder Vegetable Farm, Naarn,

Vegetable tasting on 25 September at Gasthaus Fink-Haberl in Walkersdorf, Ilz

Organic farmer Robert Brodnjak (le.) and „vegetable master chef“ Hans Reisinger explain their celery tasting notes

The best bell peppers:
Kornet (Scharler)
Karamell (Flucher)
Sweet Chocolate (Peischl)

The best pointed peppers:
Dulce Italiano (Scharler)
Kyra (Peischl)
Korosko (Hütter)


Scharler Organic Farm, Thomas Scharler, Gleisdorf
Flucher-Plaschg-Wonisch Family Vegetable Farm, Straden,
Gemüse Hütter, Ludersdorf-Wilfersdorf,
Gemüse Peischl, Neumarkt an der Raab,
Krautwerk, Robert Brodnjak, Grossmugl,

The best varieties of celery root

Robert Brodjak cultivated 9 different varieties for Koch.Campus. Together with Hans Reisinger, in two advance tastings he pre-selected four varieties he would later present in a commented tasting on 25 September.  The fascinating aromatic complexity of the various varieties of celery root was reflected in the opportunity to taste different parts of each plant – from the roots to different parts of the fruit and even the leaves! No two varieties were the same!

Variety “Balder”
Roots are nutty, macadamia, fruity, slight spiciness
Tip is fruity, reminiscent of chicken filet
Middle section creamy to the palate, citrus notes, fleshy
Shoulder is reminiscent of chicken soup, lemony, fruity, hints of artichoke
Leafstalk slightly bitter
Leaf very intensive, bitter, numbing, slight tobacco note

Variety “Saxa”
Roots are earthy, slightly bitter
Tip is creamy, fleshy, hint of mushroom
Middle section very complex flavor profile, umami, slightly spicy, tangy, fleshy
Shoulder is sweet, lovage, citrus aromas
Leafstalk mild, refreshing
Leaf with a hint of chlorophyll

Variety “Monarch”
Roots are nutty, spicy
Tip is nutty, soft, fruity, sweet
Middle section is fleshy, fruity, slightly spicy
Leafstalk has fine aroma
Leaf evokes lovage

Variety “Mars”
Roots are mild, fruity, creamy
Tip is fleshy, greasy, fatty, lush, mild
Middle section is sweet, fruity, refreshing, with a potato note
Shoulder is fruity, fleshy, smooth, slightly sweet
Leafstalk has an intense, powerful celery flavor
Leaf is penetrating