AUSTRIA MEETS ALGARVE Austrian Gala Dinner at Vila Vita Parc Hotel

Surprisingly Portugal is an important showcase venue for the art of Austrian cuisine. Here are the creations of Dieter Koschina, who had been honoured for many years with two Michelin stars in the Vila Joya; and the Tyrolean, Hans Neuner, who earned great respect and two Michelin stars in the Ocean Restaurant at the Vila Vita Parc Hotel. In 2009 and 2012, Hans was named “Chef of the Year” in Portugal!

The gala dinner of the Austrian chefs in Ocean was something very special for me,” says Hans Neuner, who was present at Koch.Campus Chef’s Table in the Reisetbauer distillery last September 13th. “As both a host and a chef, I was particularly impressed by what the colleagues in Ocean presented. Each course of the menu was first class and inspiring. Every chef was super engaged, and the guests loved it! I’m very proud of how the Austrian cuisine was presented here. So much has happened in Austria in recent years, and the number of top chefs is now very high!”

The Koch.Campus members presented the following courses to Ocean guests on May 17th

Josef Floh – Kohlrabi Bonsai

Andreas Döllerer – Crispy Bacon / Popcorn / Cabbage

Thomas Dorfer – Sourdough / Chives / Caviar

Hubert Wallner – Shoots of Linden Tree / Walnuts

Richard Rauch – Lamb‘s Tongue / Kohlrabi / Green Gooseberries / Waldmeister

Philip Rachinger – Common Pandora / Asparagus / Fennel

Hans Neuner – Portuguese Taco

Richard Rauch – Truffle Hog

Thomas Dorfer – Cured Trout / White Asparagus / Cream of Rapeseed Oil / Egg Yolk

Andreas Döllerer – Alpine Scallop / Cabbage / Smoked Egg Cream / Pickled Garlic

Hubert Wallner – Techelsberger Kasnudel (cheese-filled noodles)  / Celery / Nuts

Philip Rachinger – may roe deer / Black Currant Leaves / Beetroot / Young Juniper

Josef Floh – Polenta / Buttermilk / Felix Coffee