S-MAGAZINE IN ENGLISH The first english edition of the Steirereck-Magazine

“S-Magazin” is published by Alba Communications (Vienna), with content produced in close collaboration with Birgit and Heinz Reitbauer of the Steirereck. Many regard this as one of the best gourmet magazines in the German-speaking world. Now, for the first time, there is also an English edition, in which Heinz Reitbauer describes his cooking philosophy, and presents some of his most important suppliers. Don´t miss Severin Cortis analysis of the Gelinaz! which took place at the Mühltalhof in Upper Austria in August.

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But first – let´s start with the Editorial of Heinz Reitbauer that reveals what keeps him going strong.

“Every so often it’s good to stop for a moment and to reflect. Life passes us by so quickly that we run the risk of overlooking small miracles and special things, or just taking them for granted The S Magazine presents us with the chance to take the time to look back, to work through what has happened, to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to carry the fruits into the next season.

The chef and host stands at the last stop of a long line that started off way back in the past. He is grounded in the work and creativity of many others before him. It was those people who crossed borders of type and race in order to achieve a result with greater taste, who wanted to know how fermentation can change taste and texture, and who developed new techniques because the old ones were no longer good enough.

It is their discoveries and experiences that provide the foundation for the business of today’s gastronomer, and that commits the latter to respectful treatment and further up-to-date development.

Modern Austrian food culture is the result of cooperation of countless people crossing borders for generations. This culture creates connections – to our families, our homes, our culture

Although this connection may no longer be so obvious in our global, speeded-up world, it still exists. It is the reason why nobody bakes pastries as good as those of our grandmother, why certain aromas can carry us to another time and another place, why even mediocre food tastes good in good company, and finally, why it is important to become involved in the issue of how we eat, now and in the future.

The S Magazine is setting out on a culinary journey and presents different perspectives: those of our producers in their own environment, those of our chefs with their ideas of flavours and tastes, always on the lookout for that unique aroma, and of course our guests’ viewpoints. All these people are connected to each other, depend on each other, and in the end inspire each other.

Accompany us into the Steirereck world, share our passions and together let us shed the most enjoyable light on our country’s harvest.”

If you wish to order a copy of the magazine, please send an email to wien@steirereck.at

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