Koch Campus 45 members - Chefs, Winemakers, Farmers


What motivates 45 personalities from the world of cooking, wine growing and agriculture to join forces, establishing a non-profit association in order to promote the ongoing development of Austrian cuisine as a complete work of art and to communicate that to a broader public?
At the beginning came the sad recognition that the quality of contemporary Austrian cuisine was virtually unknown outside of the German-speaking world, and that is was absolutely underappreciated. Austrian cuisine is all too often reduced to clichés such as wiener schnitzel, rotisserie chicken and apple strudel. At the same time, we also registered that Austria’s politicians had no real appreciation for the true worth of our culinary culture and quality, or only gave it halfhearted lip service.

Both problems are closely intertwined – and we wanted to change that!

Seven of the most acclaimed chefs in Austria – Heinz Reitbauer, Steirereck; Thomas Dorfer, Landhaus Bacher; Andreas Döllerer, Restaurant Döllerer; Richard Rauch, Steirawirt; Josef Floh, Floh´s Gastwirtschaft; Thorsten Probost, Griggeler Stuba; Andreas Senn, Senn´s Restaurant – got together on 14. 10. 2013 for the very first Koch.Campus Chef´s Table at Döllerer´s Genusswelten in Golling, in order to open the gates to an as yet undiscovered culinary landscape, presenting and discussing innovative dishes made from Austrian products within this close circle of friends and colleagues. This day marked the beginning of the Koch.Campus collaboration, which now currently boasts 45 top-caliber members.

A campus has always been a symbol for openness, cooperation, as well as the sharing of knowledge and skills. Koch.Campus sees itself as an initiative to promote the ongoing development of the concept »Austrian cuisine« through the joint efforts of chefs and high-quality producers.

Since that initial meeting, we have made a lot happen. Austrian officialdom is now willing to harness cuisine as an important image factor for our country in future. We are absolutely certain: Austria has all the prerequisites to become known worldwide as a top culinary destination. And this is our goal for the next 5 years.

Klaus Buttenhauser, spokesman for Koch.Campus, info@kochcampus.at


1) The mission of Koch.Campus is to describe, develop and actively communicate a contemporary style of Austrian cuisine based on deeply rooted culinary traditions.

2) Members utilize Koch.Campus in order to share their knowledge and experience with one another, as well as with partners who support our goals.

3) The wide range of natural and cultural landscapes, with their diversity of typical regional products, provides the foundation for Austrian cuisine. The Koch.Campus association is dedicated to the preservation and ongoing development of the country’s wealth of indigenous crops and livestock.

4) Austria’s wide variety of terroirs, products and personalities in the gastronomic sector and food production serves as the basis for Austria’s unique and distinctive positioning as a culinary destination on the international market.

5) The excellent flavor experiences and health-benefits of many Austrian products are the result of a small-scale approach to agriculture, one which boasts the highest proportion of organic farming globally. Koch.Campus supports all measures which serve to strengthen this structure, both philosophically as well as commercially. Yet another important goal of Koch.Campus is to involve more and more agricultural producers as high-quality suppliers for the Austrian gastronomic scene.

6) The members of Koch.Campus are actively committed to improving the opportunities for training and professional development in the gastronomic and hospitality sectors.

7) At the international level, Koch.Campus has set its sights on positioning Austria credibly as a top worldwide destination boasting a gastronomic culture and cuisine that is both distinctive and exceptional. With this purpose in mind, members of Koch.Campus present and communicate their interpretation of contemporary Austrian cuisine at suitable events both within Austria and abroad.[:]