Stiegl Gut Wildshut

Stiegl Gut Wildshut

Stiegl Gut

The Stiegl Gut Wildshut is Austria’s first beer estate. Located around 30 kilometers north of the city of Salzburg, it stands for specially brewed beers, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, being experimentally friendly and, of course, providing moments of pleasure. In organic farming, very old, long-forgotten grains are cultivated in collaboration with Arche Noah. Stiegl is the only brewery in Austria that itself cultivates and malts these age-old grains; and later, it refines them in the first solid wood brewery in the country for Wildshut speciality beers.

Heinrich Dieter Kiener, the head of Stiegl, explains what motivated him to found the beer estate: “In our society, a change in values has been taking place; people are once again paying more attention to regionality, responsibility and tradition. We at Stiegl have considered this strongly and built up a circular economy around the subject of beer in Wildshut.”

Adds brewery boss Alessandra Kiener: “At the beer estate, beer brewing already starts in the field. The basis for the best barley and the best hops is healthy, good soils. And at our own organic farm in Wildshut, we see the difference.” In addition to breeding rare, old livestock breeds such as Mangalitza pigs and Pinzgauer cattle, cheese and especially breads made of original grains are made at Wildshut.

Wildshut 8,
A-5120 St. Pantaleon,
Tel. +43/6277/641 41
Opening times: Th-Sat 12 – 22 pm; Sun and holidays 10 am – 8 pm